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You need an attorney to help you. Not only now but for the years ahead. You never know what lies around the corner, and it’s good to develop a relationship with an attorney before something happens.

Whether it’s a positive life event or an emergency.

When looking for a lawyer, you should always review their registration and discipline, and their reputation in the community. You can find AVVO page with client testimonials here.


The only certainty in life is that you don't know what's coming. When major events in your life like; getting married, having a child, buying your first, second, or third home.. or defending yourself against creditors, losing your job, or the police you need to have someone in your corner that you can trust to be honest with you and to work to the best of their ability to defend you and your family.


Call our office to make an appointment, and start the process of planning ahead for your future. 


1) What will it cost to speak with you?


Feel free to call my office, as our first conversation will not be billed. I will not provide any legal advice, and you should not leave confidential information on my voicemail if you are not already a client, as no attorney-client privilege will apply. After speaking with you, we can set up a time that works for both of use to go over your current position, and what options we can pursue to help you navigate your situation. I charge for these consultations, as I will be reviewing your documentation in advance, and providing you with a thorough and realistic opinion of where you currently stand, what your options are, and the potential outcomes. 


2) How much is this initial consultation? 

The cost of the initial consultation is $200 per hour. I will speak with you about the projected amount of time it will take to review your documentation (you may have a sheet of paper, or a novel), and how long it should take to discuss your issue.


3) What about traffic tickets, and appearances?

If you have a traffic ticket, or an arraignment on a misdemeanor charge, those are charged on a flat fee basis. 

A simple traffic ticket is $350.00

An appearance in criminal court for a violation or a misdemeanor arraignment is $500.00


4) Do you represent clients in labor complaints?

Yes, and for individuals there are special rules about how you can be charged for attorney services. Please contact my office and we can discuss. 


5) How much will it cost for you to represent my small business?

For some small business cases (for example Administrative cases in front of the Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board) I charge a flat fee, for other cases I charge an hourly fee. Please contact my office to discuss the particulars of your case. 


QUALITY LEGAL REPRESENTATION:At Matthew John Burnham Attorney and Counsellor at Law we know that the issues our clients face can be stressful, and encourage new potential clients to call as early in the process as possible for a consultation. We look carefully at the facts to find the best way to deal with difficult problems. Whether your issue goes to trial or settles out of court  we provide experience and dedicated representation. Let us help find the best course of action to take regarding your legal situation.


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Matthew John Burnham - 5183645595 fax:5183080298 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. P.O. Box 1675 Troy, NY 12182